2: Conversation with Lauren Devora of Tarot With Coffee

In our second episode, we are joined by Lauren Devora – tarot reader, witch, medium, author, and caffeine addict – of Tarot With Coffee.

We explore her background in North Carolina, her training, and what influenced her decision to move to Massachusetts. Topics range from a haunted church basement, to using magic to buy a house, to the difference between a coven and a working group.

Lauren also talks about her “banework” and how, much like a surgeon needs to cut to heal, magic perceived to be negative can be used for positive purposes.

We all define “witch” in slightly different ways. What does the word mean to you?

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Show Notes

Lauren Devora’s tarot Instagram, “Tarot With Coffee”

Lauren Devora’s author Instagram, “Will Write for Coffee”

Lauren Devora’s Facebook page

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