4: Conversation with Cheryl Rafuse of Plant Magic Shop

Happy Imbolc everyone! In this episode Cheryl Rafuse, of Plant Magic Shop, joins us to talk plants, plans for spring, and her journey to being a Salem witch.

When you get three Sagittarius dominant people together (Cheryl is a Sag sun and Bekah and Ana both have Sag rising) the conversation is definitely a journey! Topics range from historic Massachusetts libraries, to buying our first witch books as teens, to Imbolc traditions, to feelings about ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, to using plants as protection for your home.

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Show Notes

The plant mentioned towards the end of the episode to balance the energies of an Emperor year is called Mother of Thousands, also known as Devil’s Backbone. Its scientific name is Bryophyllum Daigremontianum.

You can find Cheryl and her intentional greenery online to learn even more: Buy her book here!

Cheryl was also instrumental is the formation of WitchTheVote.

How to kill the evil, invasive Black Swallowwort that Cheryl and Bekah discuss.

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